April 8, 2014

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Eurostaff Personnel Limited
133 Chase Side

Tel: 020 8364 5855


Our Website

Eurostaff Personnel Limited has, and always will, act with 100% transparency. In our eyes it is one of the key fundamentals in building a proper relationship. We hide nothing and show everything which allows truth and trust to develop! So before we go any further Eurostaff Personnel does not:-

* Collect any data from you on this website,
* Have any cookies other than the ones in the biscuit tin on this website,
* Have anything running in the background telling us your I.P address on this website,
* Have any way, shape or form knowing who you are and where you are from on this website,
* Have any way to obtain or ask for your data/details on this website,
* Want to collect any data or information from you on this website.

The sole purpose of this website (www.eurostaff.org.uk) is to provide anyone who wishes to visit us here information about ourselves, which will occasionally change when we decide to add something great about our services. No data is collected or stored!


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